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Loving Life/Amando La Vida incorporates a variety of volunteer programs that provide diverse opportunities to those interested regardless of age or language. From the Breast Health Ambassadors to the Mindful Butterflies, there is an opportunity for anyone interested. As an ever-changing and innovative foundation, we welcome any ideas and suggestions to help promote any current or future programs. At Loving Life/Amando La Vida we strive at reaching out to women and men who are potential patients, as our main objective. In addition we are proud to recruit some of the most caring, confidential, and dynamic volunteers to keep the circle of life complete!

Breast Health Ambassadors

Through this program we formally train the volunteers that will raise awareness and educate our local communities about breast health and breast cancer. The health ambassador is a volunteer that brings leadership to the community on behalf of the foundation, sharing breast health education, early detection awareness, and acting as a liaison between the community and medical resources. This position will require a minimum of ten hours of intense training along with regular group meetings, with other volunteers, for developmental purposes and training on breast health research which is needed to keep the volunteers’ knowledge current. Read More...

Mindful Mariposas

It is never too early to learn about breast health and awareness; in fact younger women are diagnosed each year so the more aware one is, the more likely that she will detect breast cancer early which results in a favorable prognosis. In the spirit of this concept comes the birth of the Mindful Mariposas (butterflies), spreading the word to others in a very powerful way, full of hope, youth, and strength. The Mindful Mariposas through various fun events such as, interactive activities, parties, teen community groups, and special activities will reach the younger ladies and become the future messengers of hope. The power of a young and determined mind has no boundaries and knows no fear; here our Mindful Mariposas will fly and lead the way to the future. Read more...

Breast Buddies

Everyone has a vision of a beautiful journey, one that is flawless, full of joy, and with strong companionships. To a breast cancer patient this vision is shattered in a second as the voice of a doctor tells one that he or she “has cancer”. Joy is put on hold and perfection is temporarily lost but companionship must remain because without it, survival is difficult to achieve. That is why the creation of the Breast Buddy Program began, ensuring that a patient is not alone during this difficult journey. The program consists of volunteers teamed up with patients as needed to help with things that once seemed so easy to accomplish, but no longer are. Read more... 

The Breast Buddy Program is dedicated to my furry buddy “Princess Ally” who was my companion during some of the toughest times of my life. Ally, your total dedication and puppy love is indescribable. RIP 4/14/2013

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