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History of the Organization

Loving Life/Amando La Vida first started in 2009, after founder Eli Arroyo-Allen completed her treatments and surgeries for breast cancer. While undergoing these procedures she noted that many other women and men were struggling, deprived of certain services because of a variety of barriers. In her observations, the most common obstacles were language, insurance, transportation, and cost related, preventing these patients from attaining the health services they needed. Because she was so appreciative of her own recovery and health, Eli decided to form this foundation to reach out to others that need extra support.

Today, Loving Life/Amando La Vida continues to recruit volunteers to join the foundation’s efforts of raising awareness and reaching out to needy breast cancer patients through a number of services:

  • Translation services
  • Transportation assistance
  • Medical appointment partners
  • Informational sessions promoting breast cancer awareness
  • Community outreach efforts
  • Breast cancer community fairs