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Meet Eli Arroyo

Eli was diagnosed with breast cancer on December 16th, 2008 the same day that her husband David was deploying for a one year tour of duty in the Middle East. The news came to her during an already uncertain and difficult time, testing the resolve and spirits of the entire family. With her husband gone, she remained at their home in North Carolina with her mother and aunt while her only son was an hour away in his first year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Eli dedicated herself to a stringent course of treatment while focusing on spirituality, fitness, and diet to aid in the road back to health. Her husband, David, supported her with long telephone conversations, care packages, and daily contact with the family to learn about her progress. Eli was blessed that she had the love and support of her family and friends who stepped up to look after her. Understanding the need for drastic lifestyle changes to help fuel her recovery, she and her son Jordan flew to Miami to meet with Macrobiotic experts to change her eating habits to prepare her for the year ahead.

In February 2009 after receiving several medical opinions, she chose to undergo treatment at Duke Hospital’s Cancer Center. Her doctors at Duke pursued a rigorous treatment regimen which included a lumpectomy, a second surgery to remove a cancerous lymph node, six chemotherapies, and 33 radiation treatments. During that time she confided in her faith, doctors, support team, and her family that she would come back and help others like her after seeing her treatments through to completion.

Exactly one year after her diagnosis she acted on her vow to help others in need by forming this foundation, which has been a front runner in assisting Latina women in her area since its inception. As she has become more involved with various local communities, the foundation is no longer limited to Latina women but to all women and men who need extra support to fight through this medical condition. No one should have to struggle with breast cancer alone.

Since the start of Eli’s involvement with the foundation, several important appearances and speaking events have occurred:

2012 - Appeared in Betty Crocker Cookbook, promoting healthy recipes

2012 - Several local media spotlights in different areas of the nation

2012 - Guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show (Oprah’s Favorite Things)

2011 - Finalist for Military Spouse of the Year

2011 - Duke Hospital Patient Representative honored during placement of final construction beam

2010 - Named one of five PinkTogether Ambassadors for General Mills

2010 - Appeared as the guest speaker on the Univision show Carolina

2010 - Several media appearances to include, TV, Radio, Newspapers, Schools and Churches

Eli's Blog

Meet Eli's Family

Eli and her Mom

Her Aunt, Eli and her Mom

Her Son, Eli and husband