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Meet Our Board Members

Eli Arroyo

Eli Arroyo-Allen is the founder and a breast cancer survivor. Eli is passionate about her breast cancer education efforts in various communities and although North Carolina is a region of much concentration for Eli because it is her place of residency at this time, her goal is to reach other areas through networking and satellite opportunities. Being a native of Miami, Florida and of Cuban decent, she focuses much of her time in educating the Latina women who live in areas that present barriers which hinder their ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Jordan Diaz

Jordan Diaz is a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and son of the founder. Jordan plays an active role in the events and fundraising coordination. He will commence a master’s program in the fall of 2013 at Florida International University in North Miami, Florida, with a concentration in hospitality management. Jordan is leading the expansion of the foundation to the Miami, Florida area.

Cary McSwain

Cary McSwain is a retired County Manager for Moore County, NC and a fifty year veteran in local government. Cary brings endless amounts of strategic planning experience to the foundation. 

Ileana Collazo

Ileana Collazo is a painter and poet residing in Miami, Florida and has worked for C-One, The Center On Nonprofit Effectiveness, for 8 years as the Executive Administrator. Her job responsibilities have covered the entire nonprofit spectrum: start-up, boards, staff and volunteer management, organizational management, budget, growth, sustainability, funder relations, consultants, grants, and sustainability. She also held the title of in-house writer and editor. Ileana will serve Loving Life as a nonprofit advisor and writer/editor.